Choosing the Most Suitable Wedding Photographer

 Friday, August 30, 2013

Weddings are beautiful, memorable and yes, it can be one major stressful event for the bride and groom. All the details are thought about and preparations are started months before the big date. With all these extravagance and beauty of the occasion, it is equally important to find an expert wedding photographer that will immortalize this wonderful occasion in print. Years after you’ve been married, you’d look back on those pictures and smile inwardly at the memory. With vivid pictures to remind you of your big day, you’d truly be thankful to an efficient, skilled and considerate wedding photographer who was with you during that momentous date.

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New People, New Faces

 Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One of my favorite activity when visiting an exotic destination is to watch the tribe show off their cultural performance through dancing and singing. Through their dance performance, you'll understand their beginnings and history, their people and their culture.  Do you also love to visit and meet new people or you prefer staying in the beach alone or with your someone special? For me, there are times I love to mingle with new people, at times I love to be with my family and close friends.

Sometimes, its also nice to be alone and just explore the place, eat exotic delicacy, watch new faces while taking photographs. Oh yes, photographs!