Where Does Money Go on New Year?

 Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 is almost over. But the big question remains unanswered. Where does money go on New Year? This is a common question for most of us. This infographic will show us the top 10 categories where most money goes to. Food is always the number one! Of course, we love to splurge on food! Check the rest of it in the infographic before.
Top 10 Reasons holiday makers overspend Infographic

Source: FastLoanTree.com


Choosing DSLR Camera

 Saturday, December 15, 2012

There are a lot excellent DSLR cameras on the market today with various specifications and prices. However, how will you choose the best DSLR camera that will suit your needs?

In the selection of a DSLR camera, one should set preset criteria. This is to facilitate selection. So, the following are the things to consider in getting one.

  • Price
  • The use of the camera
  • Resolution
  • Sensor Size
  • Upgradability
  • Other Features

·        Purchasing a DSLR camera is a lot similar when buying a computer or any other stuff. You need to trust both the product and the manufacturer and set your own basis in choosing a particular item.


Beautiful Beach at Paniman Resort, Puerto Azul

 Monday, December 3, 2012

We went to Puerto Azul last November 24 and 25 to celebrate our Christmas party. We opted for a beach party this time compared to our previous warehouse "dance" party. The place is perfect for a quick getaway away from the midst of the busy city life. I still have thousands of photos to download from my memory stick. Hope I could find time to post some really nice photos of the resort here.

 You should really check out this place at Puerto Azul.


Tips and Tricks in Buying a Spy Camera

 Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So have you decided to buy a spy camera to secure and monitor your home and business?  Well, that is a smart move!
Before, spy cameras were exclusive for security agencies but as time passes by, it became a need for private individuals and businesses. However, how can you get the best spy camera if you don’t know much about them?
Well, don’t fret yet as this page will guide you in getting the right spy camera for you. Read on!
  •    Alarm clock spy camera. A type of spy camera that can be either wired or wireless. This is a high quality camera that can send black-and-white photos because of its few options.
  •  Radio hidden camera. This is a portable radio with CD player that is programmable. It was designed for discreet purposes and is ideal both for home and office surveillance.
  •  Motion detector alarm spy camera. Uses PIR and motion detection and can be used in recording videos and snap shots. This is ideal both for day and nighttime use.

The best spy camera will depend on your budget and on your protection and surveillance needs. So, when are you getting one?


Food Photography

 Sunday, October 28, 2012

Food photography seems to be my expertise in the field of photography. lol I have observed a lot of my shots and food seems to be my favorite. Or perhaps I just love food thus I appreciate it more. Thats also a nice point!

Anyway, these are Cebuano' pride - chorizo. Compared to longganisa, these are tiny roundish ground meat but a little sweeter than longganisa. And as a Cebuana myself, I love Chorizo more!

Taken on my latest travel in Cebu. October 2012.


Photo and Shoot

 Friday, October 5, 2012

When you say photo shoot, the term is typically used in the glamour or fashion industry. A multiple of photos are taken when a model poses in order to find the excellent ones for the required frame. This is normally done at a studio by a photographer.
A photo shoot can be done for:

  • Billboards
  • Magazine article
  • Modeling for newspaper
  • Advertising a certain product of a company
  • A designer or a store with a new range of fashion designs

In a photo shoot, the model is not always a person but it can also be other things like advertised goods that require photographic description. It is not only limited to people but to some other advertised products as well.


Photography Techniques: Your Way to Take Better Pictures

 Friday, September 28, 2012

Is photography one of the few things that you truly love to do, only that you don't know how to take good photos?

It involves nothing more than a bit of thought to make beautiful photographs. However, a decent equipment is another thing that you need. Also, taking a shot involves a moment of thinking about what you really want to capture.
Here are several of the helpful photography techniques you can try:
  • Reduce camera shake and use the shutter creatively
  • Identify your subjects
  • Make the most in its natural light
  • Make your composition interesting like use diagonals for dynamic photos
  • Try image stacking and multiple exposures
There are lots of great techniques when it comes to photography. If you really want to be creative in taking photos, learning is one way to be an expert.


A Catholic Church Along Kawit Cavite

 Wednesday, September 26, 2012

While we were on the way back to Bacoor, my boss suddenly mentioned that he wants to show me a property along the coastal of Kawit Cavite. I was in a hurry then as I have a pending export requirements but since we were already near Cavitex, I informed my client in Pakistan that I will be late in answering his email. And so, the driver drove along Cavitex, it was a smooth ride. Of course - its practically empty there! The tollgate at Cavitex is already Php 64.00 - quite expensive but surely a better route than to go through the small roads of Bacoor. Anyway, while I was in the car, I took some beautiful photos of the sky and the sea but since its a fast moving car - the shot were blurry! I was happy to see an old church along Kawit. Its really old!

It would have been better if I get the name of this church. I would love to go inside but as Ive said, I was really in a hurry! I dont want to keep a client waiting for my documents so he can send his payment to us. 

Amazing right? 

I am sharing these photos for Wednesday Whites.


Brandeburger Tor in Berlin

 Thursday, September 20, 2012


Naughty Shot

 Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nah!! I am just kidding!

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Create a Remarkable Memory with Wedding Photography

Wedding photography includes photographs of a couple before they get married like for thank you cards, portrait displays, or announcements. It is also used as coverage of the wedding and reception. 
Every couple who wants to get married desires to create a remarkable memory that will always be remembered. 

Wedding photography will make your nuptial:
  • Extraordinary
  • Memorable
  • Delightful
  • Fun
  • Enjoyable
  • Beautiful
  • Amazing

Every memory of this special occasion is intended to be treasured not only in the hearts of the couple, but also in every heart of their loved ones.

Wedding photography makes your wedding more wonderful and exceptional.


The Robot Zoo Attractions

 Thursday, September 13, 2012


Mapping out your Thomson Destiny

 Thursday, August 30, 2012

Your Thomson Destiny can be just about anything that you would like it to be. You can travel to some of the most incredibly exotic and idyllic parts of the world and in the kind of style that you would imagine to be considerably more expensive than it is. Thomson Cruises and Thomson holidays deliver reliably high standards that keep British consumers coming back year after year.

In the realms of cruise holidays, what sets Thomson apart in many ways is the range of package options. You can for example fly to a wide variety of airports in different parts of the world and join your cruise ship in the region that you are most interest and excited about visiting. Equally appealing though are the packages that enable Thomson cruise passengers to make the most of a week or so of sailing and sunshine and follow it up with an extra few days or another full week in a particularly lovely resort. The 'fly and cruise' and the 'cruise and stay' options that Thomson offers are great for families or for couples or anyone else who wants to mix up their trip and get as much done that piques their imagination as possible.

And of course, the regions of the world that are opened up by the Thomson range includes the classic cruise destinations from the Caribbean to all manner of hotspots around the Mediterranean.  On top of all that, you can expect an exceptional level of service at genuinely very reasonable prices and a friendly atmosphere that very few rival cruise holiday operators can match. There are in fact some bona fide bargains on great trips to spectacular locations available online right now and you book Thomas Cook cruises relating to Thomson's various ships in a matter of minutes these days.


Christoph's 7th Birthday Cake

 Sunday, August 19, 2012


Ocean Park Friends

Taken in 2010 during my kids field trip in Ocean Park. 



 Thursday, August 16, 2012


Your Next Family Holiday: Ibiza Vs Lanzarote

 Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Despite the typical images of fun fuelled adult holidays, can Ibiza and Lanzarote family holidays offer more than meets the eye?
Ibiza – The Lowdown
First and foremost Ibiza holiday deals usually come hand-in-hand with the island’s world famous nightlife. In recent years, the government in Ibiza have instructed significant alterations to the island to make it more child friendly.
Located in the Balearic Islands, just less than two hours away from the UK, Ibiza holiday deals could be your ticket to quality family time in the sun.
Ibiza – Activities
Although Ibiza lacks the amount of family friendly attractions that its sister island Majorca boasts, there’s plenty to do around and about the main tourist areas.
Thanks to recent improvements, streets are now lined with parks, trampolines and other activities to keep the kids entertained.
Aguarmar waterpark in Playa d'en Bossa is fun for all the family, while Karting San Antonio and Smuggler's Cave sealife centre are alternative options.
Lanzarote – The Low Down
Located in the Canary Islands, off the west coast of Africa, Lanzarote boasts scorching summer temperatures and a year round sunny climate.  Flights here take a little longer than to Ibiza, lasting approximately three hours.
Although often seen as an adult’s escape, Lanzarote has been welcoming families to its safe shores for decades, with plenty of diehard Lanzarote holiday broods returning year after year to prove it.
Lanzarote – Activities
One of the most popular attractions in Lanzarote is the Rancho Texas Park in Puerto del Carmen. Expect Wild, Wild West themed action with crocs, saloons and goldmines to boot.
Other days out include Aquapark in Costa Teguise and Guinate Tropical Park, an extraordinary wildlife park to the north of the island.

Which will it be, Ibiza or Lanzarote family holidays? Whichever you choose, the best Lanzarote and Ibiza holiday deals are online now for 2013 getaways.


Who is that Baby?

Who is that beautiful baby girl? She is such a jewel, our precious little darling, the only rose among our 2 thorns. That's Alexa when she was 1 year old.

Sharing this photo for 366 BPC @ Pinay Sahm.


Take A Break

 Tuesday, August 14, 2012

After a lot of walking in Quaipo and with this gloomy weather, taking a break at Goldilocks with this yummy halo halo is just perfect. Come and join me ..
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Care for Some Pizza?

 Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pizza anyone? Pick your choice! One is for me, you choose first.. :) Salami pizza?

Or the shrimp pizza?
Which is which? Both were super delicious! Another food trip encounters in one of my travels abroad.


Pastillas for Dessert

We went to Super 8 this afternoon for buying our weekly supply of groceries. But when we were in the counter, our son called us and asked us to buy pastillas.. of course, these pastillas are so sweet and delicious made from milk and sugar. 

Taken from my Blackberry Phone

So after every meal, it is customary for us to eat a little bit of sweet - and so far - this is our favorite! Cheap and good! 


366 BPC – An Old Church

Still from our Germany trip, in one of the outskirts in Munich, we saw an old church and so we stopped and  paid a visit - of course we prayed too!

There are two buildings or say one is church and the other one is the chapel where they hold mass for the dead. Yes true indeed, the whole area also serve as a cemetery for the town.

That is the chapel, a smaller version of the church. (behind that chapel)

I was really happy I visited this church. Its solemn and you'll feel God's presence. The church is old along with their decors and furnitures. I can't tell you how old but when I do - believe me, its really old! My boss is an antique collector and when he say - its antique it is!

The bible comes so handy as it is just in the benches.


Beautiful Mountains at the Alps

 Saturday, August 11, 2012

I was here some time ago. As this is my photography and travel blog, I might as browse through my archives and post photos of my previous travels.


Best DSLR Camera for Newbies Like You!

Well you recently discovered a love for photography and you’re planning to get a new Digital SLR (single lens reflex)camera. But with all the models, brands and makes around, how do you know which one is the best DSLR camera for you? When choosing a DLSR camera, you can to check the focusing and viewing of the objects through the lens attached to it. Photographers can have a better viewing experience of the images exposed so they are more confident on the accuracy of their subject when they use SLR cameras. With digital SLRs, photographers can now interchange lenses, adjust light as well as the flash to prevent catching blurry shots.
Photo not mine.
The major factor that usually stops beginners from buying DLSRs is the price element. These type of cameras tend be pricier than others because of their complexities and the quality of photos produced. Compared with other handier cams, DSLR are bulkier and heavier too. They are more complex but you can also find one that is more user-friendly, less complex and with auto features that can help you while you discover other manual features to take your photography to the next level. Beginners in photography have a lot to explore when they get their first DSLR cameras – the possibilities are endless!


Calm Water in the Lake

I have always been fascinated with photography. I love taking photos of all the places we've been, food we've eaten, personal things and most especially my family. These photos were taken in Europe when we attended a printing and advertising exhibit in Munich. My kids were not with me so consider that a fulfilling travel but business wise, it was great! After all, we didn't go there to relax and rest and have fun, but to explore a possibility for business expansion.

These photos were taken in outskirts of Munich, I would have to dig into my files of which lake in particular but for the time being.. enjoy the calm lake of Germany.

See how calm the water? 

Fresh Air, Clean environment, Blue Water, Quiet. Really nice to sit back and just relax. 

This is my entry for Skywatch Friday and 366 BPC @ Pinay Sahm


Tagaytay Volcano

 Thursday, July 5, 2012

We went to Tagaytay the other week to show what Cavite has to offer for our Pakistani guest. He came here to buy some products from our company. As a good gesture, we showed him around Metro Manila and thought of showing the natural wonders of Tagaytay.

Please excuse that this photo is not really clear as I only took it using my phone.


Flowers at Antonio's Tagaytay