White Fountain

 Sunday, October 27, 2013

This photo was taken in Vivo City, Singapore 2 years ago. It was semestral break for the kids back then and there was a printing and advertising exhibition in Singapore. We took attended the exhibit at the same time enjoy Singapore's finest!


Beautiful Sky

 Friday, October 25, 2013

I took this photo around 3 years ago near Munich, Germany. We attended a printing exhibit in Munich but we stayed near a far from the city proper to enjoy this lovely scenery. My boss went to this place with his grandparents when he was still a boy. So its memorable for him. Good thing he brought me along so I could also enjoy and feel the ambiance. So nice right.  Don't you agree?


Food Photography: Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu

 Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I recently reviewed Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu. Here are the photos posted in Pinay Green Mommy:

I must admit, I am quite good with food photography. :) Even if I used the Cherry Mobile phone in these photos, but it came out nice. Tried with DSLR and digital cameras, food photography is one of my addiction. 

Top Torikatsu : Classic Version
 photo IMG_20131007_105259.jpg
 photo IMG_20131007_105012.jpg

Top Torikatsu : Cheese and Chives variant

 photo IMG_20131007_111219.jpg


Photography Effects To Practice

 Monday, October 14, 2013

Some have said that the most amazing sights captured only by our eyes and are imprinted only in our minds. Over the years, people have tried to come up with tools and gadgets that will give us a clear representation and a sort of memoire of beautiful sights, events or people that we fortunately witnessed. You may want something that will immortalize the moment and share the wonder you’ve felt so you took out your camera and tried to catch it with your lens.
Some photography enthusiasts study photo enhancement techniques to create even more astonishing effects. While there are lenses and other gadgets that can be used to achieve photography effects, you can also try digital applications of different photography effects. Here are some special effects that you can practice with your camera or through Photoshop. 
Tilt Shift
Tilt shift photography can give you a beautiful miniature effect of scenery from an optical illusion shot. Basically the lenses are set to focus on a specific part of scene and blur its top and bottom or surrounding areas. Hobbyist would love experimenting with tilt shift photography. For amazing tilt shift photo, choose higher vantage point from where you will take the picture to achieve miniature effects effortlessly.
Tilt shift lenses can be a bit expensive, but some digital cameras such as the Canon Ixus models already have that miniature effect setting. You can also try using Photoshop to achieve the same effects.
Star Trails
Start trail photography is another effect that caught the curiosity of many. A specific technique actually records a natural phenomenon of our planet. If you do not know it yet, the Earth moves and spins in its axis while the stars remain stationary. The indirect movement of the stars is recorded when you capture several shots in a 30 second exposure and combine them together digitally. This wonder has fascinated professional photographers to photography enthusiasts.
If you’d like to experiment with star trails, you can have better photos using a multiple 30-second exposure than with only a single exposure at 20 minutes. With the former, digital noise will be lessened and you don’t have to worry about your battery running empty at the last minute of exposure. Longer time exposure also heightens the risk of a ruined shot especially if there are stray headlights beaming into your lenses. 
Lomo photography or lomography as it is known today became popular during the 80’s when the Russian Lomo PLC successfully came out with the LOMO LC-A Camera. Since then, Lomo photograpy became a favorite photography effect by many. This technique has a noticeable vignette, strong contrast and twisted colors.
You can find lomography cameras these days ranging from affordable types to really expensive models, but you can also create beautiful lomography effects on Photoshop and other photo editing applications today.

Another remarkable photography special effect that has taken the interest of many enthusiasts is the high dynamic range or HRD photography. With this effect, you can achieve striking images that are quite colorful. The pictures resemble photos taken with the Fuji Velvia film, but these days, HDR can be played with and experimented digitally on Photoshop and other photo editing applications.