Prepare your home before leaving for the holidays

 Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Do  you have upcoming travel plans for the holidays? You are for sure excited but you need to make sure to prepare your home as well prior to departure. Criminals are surely excited too as people who plan to travel tend to take for granted their own home.  There is a lower risk of getting caught by the police during this period because a lot of  people are paying more attention to their own travel plans.

Carefully check all the possible entry points like the doors and the windows before you leave for the holidays. These must be securely locked to prevent someone from entering the place undetected. It would be better if you have installed an alarm system. If you do, please put new batteries. Don’t leave extra keys under the mat or other common locations where criminals can easily find them and walk right into your home. 

Be sure to inform your friend or your trusted neighbor to occasionally stop by daily so the criminals will not notice that it is indeed empty.

You will enjoy your holiday more if you are sure that you have somebody attending to your home in your absence.