Father Tropa's Zoo

 Tuesday, December 31, 2013

After a short visit at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine at Inalad, Siaton, we visited Father Tropa's Zoo on the way back to Dumaguete from . I was told that the place were far brighter and livelier when he was still alive. Now the place seems to be dead - unfortunately. The animals are pretty ordinary.
 photo 20131230_152537.jpg 

Kids were busy playing with monkeys.
   photo 20131230_152401.jpg 

I asked the boys to pose with the preserved birds - look how grumpy they were! Still scared of animals. 

 photo 20131230_151752.jpg

 photo 20131230_151738.jpg 
The girl cant stand still! She really hates to be photographed! I dont think I have a photo of her with great enthusiasm!

 photo 20131230_151617.jpg 

Kuya EJ is braved enough to be acquainted with the big snake. lols

 photo 20131230_151409.jpg
 photo 20131230_145757.jpg


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