366 BPC – An Old Church

 Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still from our Germany trip, in one of the outskirts in Munich, we saw an old church and so we stopped and  paid a visit - of course we prayed too!

There are two buildings or say one is church and the other one is the chapel where they hold mass for the dead. Yes true indeed, the whole area also serve as a cemetery for the town.

That is the chapel, a smaller version of the church. (behind that chapel)

I was really happy I visited this church. Its solemn and you'll feel God's presence. The church is old along with their decors and furnitures. I can't tell you how old but when I do - believe me, its really old! My boss is an antique collector and when he say - its antique it is!

The bible comes so handy as it is just in the benches.


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