Mapping out your Thomson Destiny

 Thursday, August 30, 2012

Your Thomson Destiny can be just about anything that you would like it to be. You can travel to some of the most incredibly exotic and idyllic parts of the world and in the kind of style that you would imagine to be considerably more expensive than it is. Thomson Cruises and Thomson holidays deliver reliably high standards that keep British consumers coming back year after year.

In the realms of cruise holidays, what sets Thomson apart in many ways is the range of package options. You can for example fly to a wide variety of airports in different parts of the world and join your cruise ship in the region that you are most interest and excited about visiting. Equally appealing though are the packages that enable Thomson cruise passengers to make the most of a week or so of sailing and sunshine and follow it up with an extra few days or another full week in a particularly lovely resort. The 'fly and cruise' and the 'cruise and stay' options that Thomson offers are great for families or for couples or anyone else who wants to mix up their trip and get as much done that piques their imagination as possible.

And of course, the regions of the world that are opened up by the Thomson range includes the classic cruise destinations from the Caribbean to all manner of hotspots around the Mediterranean.  On top of all that, you can expect an exceptional level of service at genuinely very reasonable prices and a friendly atmosphere that very few rival cruise holiday operators can match. There are in fact some bona fide bargains on great trips to spectacular locations available online right now and you book Thomas Cook cruises relating to Thomson's various ships in a matter of minutes these days.


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